Meet GEnicca Whitney

My life’s mission is to help you transform your relationship with money, so that you can create through entrepreneurship and invest powerfully into a rich & freedom-fuelled life!

Aloha, Genicca (like Paprika) here!

Genicca Whitney is a Self-Made Millionaire, Money Manifestation Mentor & Serial Investor for ambitious women who are ready to create financial freedom beyond their 9-5 through entrepreneurship and investments. At the age of 19, she became self-employed and manifested the money to buy her parents a home, after learning about the Law of Attraction.

She has been mentored by powerful leaders in the personal growth industry including, Gabrielle Bernstein, Amanda Frances and Melanie Ann Layer. Over the years, Genicca has impacted hundreds of women around the world through her digital courses, live speaking events and through her two annual local events, Dare to Dream Soiree & The Vision Board Party.

Genicca Whitney won the award as Mrs. BC, advocating for mental health, raising over $10,000 for local non-profit organizations. She is a 3x author, guest blogger for Huffington Post, and has been featured in Narcity & The Goal Digger Podcast.

Helping women become financially empowered for the most luxurious lifestyle is her obsession!

WEALTH, to me, is a feeling – not a destination. An experience, not an object. To me, wealth exists within, not without. It is accessible to all – and to all, right now.


I did not wake up wealthy, lol. I was actually born on bamboo floors in the Philippines, raised in poverty… not having the money or means to go to College or University.

I felt poor. Insufficient. Not enough. And completely empty.

It was landing a door-to-door, direct sales job right out of high school – that changed my life.

This is when I learned about the Law of Attraction & read the book, The Secret – that I shifted my mindset + my energy to go from earning $60/day in my commission-only paying job at 18…

To manifesting $1000+/ day by the time I was 19.

The work I did to transform my relationship with money and activate my manifesting powers, allowed me to buy my parents a house…  months before I turned 20 years old.

As an introvert, born into poverty… determined to BREAK FREE FROM MY CIRCUMSTANCES, I decided to start my own direct sales company, manifesting over a quarter million in sales, while training a roster of sales queens, who also hit significant money milestones!

I can honestly say that I did everything scared AF – cultivating an unshakable faith… and a hunger for more.

This hunger turned into an obsession with team building and learning how to be an effective leader.

My next big money manifestation breakthrough was when I was in $30,000 debt – with two babies under two… determined to NEVER MISS A MOMENT with my babies. I started an online coaching business, hired the top coaches and hustled between nap times and late nights, while implementing the law of attraction, eventually manifesting my first 6-figures after only one year.

I was lost, terrified and totally clueless.

I didn’t know how to..

  • Grow a following on social media
  • Build trust with my audience
  • Grow a following on social media
  • Build trust with my audience
  • Generate sales (like, how would I even accept the payment?!)
  • Create a digital product

Being coach-able, investing in my personal + professional growth and continuously aligning with the frequency of wealth, is what manifested a life in poverty… to a reality fueled with limitless prosperity.

I had no University or College degree.

These money miracles were not manifested out of logic…

But out of alignment, desire, action and BELIEF that I was worthy of the investment.

I was just a young girl.. With big hopes & dreams to create a life I never had to run away from.

Today, our family of 5 are living in our dream home, manifested in the most beautiful city in Canada, Vancouver BC. Daniel and I continue to expand our wealth portfolio, investing in real estate and having a lot of fun immersed in crypto, bitcoin and stocks…

I literally envisioned this for my life.

And since committing to being uncomfortable for the sake of my future,

I’ve never missed a moment in my babies lives (… who are 5 & 6, now!) and I continue to passionately build an empire of ambitious entrepreneurs from all over the world who … deeply desire to manifest a life of their wildest dreams –

From the comfort of my home.

With every leap of faith I took… with every challenge I faced… and with every struggle I chose to overcome –

I promised the Universe that if I ever cracked the code to manifesting liberating wealth…

I would make it my life’s mission to help others too.

That’s why I know that you are not reading this by accident –

You are here because of a desire – that, when activated… will transform the trajectory of your life.

Take my hand – and let’s  #MANIFESTLIKEABOSS.

When you are awake to your potential, cultivate conviction with your desires and take massive inspired action, your life will begin to transform before your eyes.

Genicca Whitney

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