Signs You’re Scaring Money

Have you ever been in a relationship and all of a sudden they stop calling, replying and hanging out with you?

In some situations, you may have said or did something that made him/her act in this way.

Similar to money, 

Whenever we feel, talk or behave negatively about or around money,

Money hides.

Money gets scared.

Money doesn’t want to come near you, 

In the same way that a friend who has been mistreated doesn’t want to come near you.

Having this perspective around money has the potential to shift our energy around money – if we choose to.

Most of us were never taught about money, which is why most of the world struggles, financially.

The more we perpetuate these patterns around money,

The BIGGER they’ll show up in our reality!

Now, the question is…. Are you scaring money away?

Let’s dive in…

Signs You’re Scaring Money

At the end of the day, we want to feel good about money.

We want to think, feel and behave around money in a way that magnetizes more of it into our world.

This means being hyper-aware of when we are speaking or acting out of lack, scarcity or “not enough” energy.

It means unravelling the years of conditioning that people around us engrained into our subconscious mind.

If we can get ourselves to shift into a more abundant mindset, our life and businesses will shift at lightspeed!

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