What I do

Gennica offers several opportunities to work together in private coaching, and on her network marketing team. Read more about the programs here.

How can we work together?

1-on-1 Coaching

If you read ready to manifest BIG RESULTS, Genicca is your Hype Girl – and your Private Activator.

Genicca Whitney’s coaching style is a beautiful mix of energy + strategy!

Courses, Programs & Platforms

2.0 Boss Activation Academy – to monetize your online business, from start to finish.

21-Day Intervention to Wealth – to become a magnet for money through manifestations.

iGenius: Financial Education – to become financially empowered in the crypto-world.

Join My Team

Genicca Whitney has built a global empire of ambitious visionaries in the network marketing industry.

About me

Genicca Whitney is a Business + Wealth Activator, Podcast Host, Network Marketing Pro, Serial Investor & Conscious Course Creator.

what mary said

Working with Genicca has transformed everything for me. She has helped me move more powerfully in all aspects in my life Friendships, business and even marriage. Her coaching always comes  from an empowered and loving place.

Join My Team

For a limited time only, Genicca has opened up 5 spots for: Mentorship Through Network Marketing

Genicca Whitney has built a global empire of ambitious visionaries in the network marketing industry in the last 2 years and she is passionate about partnering with the hungry + heart-driven, to manifest world change, together!!

As a Business Partner, you will receive the guidance, support and activations you need to powerfully build an empire, alongside Genicca – while calibrating to her energy, her leadership and her vision!

This isn’t for everyone – but for the person who…

  • Understands the power + potential of network marketing
  • Is coach-able and motivated to manifest a BIG VISION
  • Is ready to serve the world in a BIG WAY
  • Knows she is made for MORE
  • Knows she has something to bring to the table

To find out if this is a good fit for you, please apply here


Genicca Whitney Radio is a podcast created for ambitious entrepreneurs on a mission to manifest wild success in the world of wifi-wealth! In each episode, she will activate your manifesting powers – and share modern marketing strategies that will magnetize new waves of wealth + global impact… all from your phone.

Energy + strategy is her mastery. Ready to activate? Tune in, now!