Stop, Drop & MANIFEST Before Chasing Money

Before you chase your MONEY GOALS for 2023… 

let’s do a quick energy/mindset check, shall we?

Does this sound like you?

“There’s never enough for extra things that I want!”

“I don’t feel like I’m worthy of success…”

“There are too many people on social media, it’s impossible to be successful..”

“Wanting more money feels greedy…”

“If I spend money, I won’t be safe, so I have to hold onto it for dear life…”

“People with a lot of money aren’t good people..”

“I feel bad for charging people for my services/products…”

If any of these sound like you, you will only repel money from manifesting in your life… and in your business.

Whatever we think or feel – creates our reality. 

It’s Law.

And I am here to help you clear the toxic & limiting beliefs you have around money —

So that you can MANIFEST, CREATE & ATTRACT MORE in 2023!



 5-Day Money Manifesting Challenge to help you become a money magnet & manifest your million dollar freedom business!

Over 5 transformational days you will learn:

– My 5-Step Money Manifesting Method that has manifested multiple 6-figures

– How to Transform Negative Money Blocks into Abundant Beliefs

– Shocking Ways You’re Repelling Money, Right Now

Everyone joining will receive a copy of a 2023 Vision Board Bundle,

 PLUS – you can win up to $10,000+ Prize Giveaways! 

I am teaching you everything I learned to manifest over $160K+ in 2022 – 

with my 5 income streams, including…

– High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing 

– Network Marketing 

– Selling Digital Courses

– Attracting High-Ticket Private Clients 

– Manifesting lucrative investment opportunities

Be sure to register here for a spot >>

Stop, Drop & MANIFEST Before Chasing Money

And get inside our FREE Facebook Mastermind where everything is going down on January 9th for 5 days!!

XO, Genicca like paprika 

Your Money Mentor & Business Strategist, Helping Families Manifest Online Success, for Freedom, Fortunes & Fun!


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